• Welcome to theVillage of Palos Park Electricity Aggregation website.
  • On March 20, 2012, residents voted and approved electricity aggregation for their communities.
  • Palos Park residents are expected to save between 34% and 48% on electricity supply rates.

Palos Park Electricity Rates

Eligible residents and small businesses in Palos Park will continue electricity supply rates with MC Squared Energy Services through September 2015. As an added bonus, Palos Park residents and small businesses also have the opportunity to participate in the 100% Green Power Program for a small additional charge.

On March 20, 2012, residents of Palos Park approved a referendum authorizing community leaders to buy electricity in bulk from a supplier other than ComEd. After an extensive bidding process, the Village of Palos Park selected MC Squared Energy Services, LLC (mc2), to provide electricity supply services to its residents and small businesses. In March of 2015, the Village elected to extend the agreement with mc2 through September 2015.

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